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Black Crow Tours Branding & Web Design


Black Crow Tours are a passion driven special boutique travel agency that specializes in local, immersive travel experiences. The guys at Black Crow were set on the crow mascot but wanted to portray the animal in a more cheerful light. After quite a few sketches, I came up with a fun and zany mascot logo that captured the spirit of the company in a friendly and upbeat way. The Crow mascot packs a ton of personality and charm. Client also needed website layout to go with the logo so I went on to create a consistent visual language for the company that would be used across website and different marketing media:


I also did some merch for the brand as well as a set of icons:


Black Crow Tours


Branding, Web Design, Icon Design;

Yavor far exceeded our expectations taking on a difficult task in designing our logo and UI for a company name that may have some misunderstood stigma behind it. Thank you so much for helping us on our path of achieving our dream and sharing our passion with the world!”

-Kyle Cannon, Co-Founder