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Visual Identity Creation For Art Supplies Brands.

Craftables, WeDecal and WeVinyl are three sister brands that I did for the same arts & crafts e-commerce start-up, each brand offering its own range of art supplies and materials. The Craftables sub-brand sells arts supplies and educational materials to die-hard arts and crafts enthusiasts. The client came to me asking for a crafty and whimsical logo that would really win the hearts of the target audience and bring an element of uniqueness to the brand. The unicorn mascot with the pencil horn quickly stood out from the rest of the initial concepts and went on to become the official brand logo & mascot. Here are a few alternative creative directions that I came up with for the identity:


The second brand of the project involved creating a separate identity for the WeDecal sub-brand. WeDecal is a specialty custom order service that prints custom made decals and ships them in premium packaging to your door. A few different initial directions were created to explore the branding from all angles:


Lastly, a separate logo was created for an e-commerce that specialises in offering vinyl stickers as well as educational materials and workshops to die-hard vinyl fans:


It is also worth showing the runner-up concept that didn’t make it to the final round:



Craftables, WeDecal & WeVinyl


Logo Design


“Very Creative and professional. Excellent at communication. Delivered ahead of schedule. Very highly recommend him!

-Stephen Cox, Founder