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League Of Champions Branding And Crest Design

Every now and then, a truly inspirational project crosses my path – a brand with a mission that I am proud to contribute to in a humble and creative way. The League of Champions founder & team came to me asking for a logo rebrand and a fresh set of four house crests for their afterschool educational program. After a few months of collaboration, the final result was nothing short of amazing, thanks to the brilliant creative direction and ideas of my clients.

The project consisted of three parts – creating a set of crests for the four team houses that the kids would proudly wear on their shirts, creating a logo and then a set of patches that would be awarded to children who stand out with their courage or special skills among their peers. These are the final four crests that we created for the four houses:


And a few of the initial sketches that were picked to be digitalised and refined as crests:


League Of Champions


Logo Design, Crest Design & Illustration


“Like an Alchemist, Yavor transformed our ideas into truly magical designs! He is a true gentleman with loads of talent, and his professionalism during every step of the process was deeply appreciated! As future design work arises, there is no doubt that we will be calling on him again.”

-Mark Ouellette, Founder