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Client: Art Cathedral
Brand Identity creation for an online art & design blog and magazine

Client: Wild Burl Woodworks
Logo design for a designer furniture company that creates boutique woodworks from salvaged timber

Client: Ted&Jack
Branding for a casual NYC retail brand that specialises in hats & accessories

Client: Journey Church
Visual Identity creation for a Christian Church in Orlando, US

Client: Monster&Bear
Logo for an entertainment company

Client: Pacific Tea
Exotic loose leaf tea brand based in the Caribbeans

Client: Christoff Zellweger
Personal branding for a life coach

Client: Visual Learning Center
Logo design for a visual learning centre for handicapped children in Denmark

Client: Royal Burger
Logo design for burger place in London

Client: Aqua Carwash
Visual Identity design for a car wash company

Client: Property Factory
Identity for a real estate agency

Client: Go Go Go Shipping
Branding for a shipping and freight company

“A branding project is like poetry in pixels – it has to be absolutely beautiful and complete in and of itself. I am about saving the world, one pixel at a time!”

-Yavor Lazarov, Art Director & Branding Strategist