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In the fast paced and innovation-driven world that we live in, old and young companies alike are often faced with the dillemma of whether their current visual identity needs to go or be changed. A logo redesign or complete overhaul is a great way to breathe new life into your business and outshine the competition. But when is the rebrand recommended or just inevitable and when is it actually a bad idea that could even harm your outreach? Here are a few points to help you weigh the pros and cons of introducing a new identity to your brand: 

A Logo Redesign Is A Good Idea When:


1. You are about to pivot to a new product or service. While still keeping the brand name and core values of the company. A rebrand in this case would be a great way to tell your clients & customers that you are branching into a different set of services. A good example would be this case study that I put together on a recent company rebrand for a marketing agency that wanted to move away from lead generation and focus on offering content strategy to their clients.


2. Your current logo is not up to today’s standards of clever and engaging branding. Whether you started out lean recently and couldn’t afford a skilled design expert and your business has started to grow and expand and you can now afford it or you are an established firm with a 50 year history and an identity about the same age, chances are that your current identity is a little stale and will not fly in today’s world of creative branding. So now is a good time to do a rebrand and get one step ahead of your competition


3. You want to appeal to a different target audience. Maybe you own a business that is about to branch into a new demographic and you are about to have clients from an entirely new continent – let’s say you are launching your products into the Asian market, for example. Or you are struggling to appeal to more affluent customers because your current branding is positioned towards the lower end of the market. Either way, a fresh new logo and branding is a surefire way to recalibrate your outreach and speak the language of your new target group.


4. You have outgrown your identity.  Even the most formidable companies often have humble beginnings – maybe your firm started out as a garage business and you have now lost track of the staff that works for you… well done! But one thing is for sure – larger and more influential companies are meant to look like their size to differentiate themselves from the smaller fish in the pond.


5. Copyright reasons.  The ways of the legal world are elusive and mysterious – unless you are backed up by a trademark registration or patent. But even going through the ordeal of securing your brand 

Rebranding Is Probably Not A Good Idea When:

1. You are tempted just to keep up with the latest design fad. A good example of this would be the latest pixel crunching trend that worships ultra minimalism at the cost of creative expression. While the minimalist trend has its place and is here to stay, it is not a compelling reason to spend money on a new design, especially if you already have a classy and timeless logo that will outlive the trend of the day.


 2. You are already too invested in your current identity. Maybe a logo redesign is on your mind and you have been planning a budget to hire a branding expert to do the job. But you have also stocked up on merchandise with your old logo on, you have ongoing advertising and other things going on that are still tied to your old identity. In this case, you should really take into account all the collateral expense around getting a new logo done to see if it all makes sense financially. This also includes current copyright patents and other legal expenses you will have to pay for again.


3. You are already bored with the current look. You have to remember that the voice of your company is not always about you, unless of course you are building a personal brand. It is there to bring in new customers and keep the old ones coming. So the logo needs to be in tune with the needs and vernacular of your target audience – it is not for you personal gratification. It makes no sense to change an identity that is already doing well just because you are craving for novelty – you might be bored with the logo but your target audience could be loving it.