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Contrary to popular belief, corporate identities don’t have to be stiff and boring. I was pleasantly surprised when Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) approached me to do the branding for their internal departments, wanting to do something fun and creative with the logos so that their employees trust the organisation and feel engaged.

Ab InBev is the world’s largest commercial beer brewery in the world – they serve brands like Beck’s Budweiser and Corona. The company’s headquarters is based in Leuven, Belgium but they are a multinational company with departments around the world. Creating distinct and cohesive branding for their internal departments is a great way for them to improve coordination and boost morale throughout the organisation.


I was first approached to rebrand their Digital Employee Experience department which provides IT support to employees from other departments. The logo for the IT support team needed to strike the right balance between fun & engaging and corporate. The power button beer bottle concept was chosen among the initial concepts as it captured the role of the department with a fun twist.


Then we worked on the rebranding of their internal communications team. The beer tap word mark was chosen by the communications team as it represents not only beer but also the flowing of creative ideas and smooth communication.

These are the rejected concept that didn’t make it through to the finals:

Last, but not least, I was hired to brand the Legal and Corporate Affairs academy that AbInBev hosts in Europe each year for their legal trainees. Again, the logo had to have a touch of humour while remaining professional and connected to the industry:

This is what the initial brand mark concepts looked like when first presented to the client:

The banner that I created for their newsletter:

My style of logo design ended up as a good fit for the Ab InBev internal departments as it is clean and simple and tells a story about the brand in a creative way. I hope to be working with the AbInBev team again in the future. I loved working with them because they are professional and part of a large corporation and at the same time don’t take themselves too seriously and know how to have fun – exactly the kind of client I enjoy working with. 


AB InBev


Logo Design, Collateral Design 

 Yavor helped to create several logotypes for our company’s internal departments. We’re very happy with the results and the approach. Each logo met our expectations and requirements 100%. I highly recommend Yavor if you need a creative logo. ” 

– Artem Muravev, Communications Content Expert, AB InBev