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Packaging for a bespoke tea brand

I recently finished a packaging project for a specialty tea brand and their series of Mate tea blends. The brand is geared towards for active, health-conscious people, passionate about sports, outdoor activities and nature. The main selling point is that Mate, unlike coffee, gives you a calm and balanced energy boost – it is still a caffeinated drink but does not give you jitters. The perfect drink to fight the afternoon sleepiness and give you the focus and energy for doing sports or deep work. 

The main theme of the packaging is nature and active lifestyle. The geometric, flat illustration that I created for the label captures the spirit of the brand and essence of the product in a creative and dynamic way. 

The font choice was a classic serif for both product name and content – I love how the elegant fonts interact with the energetic but luxurious colours to create a bespoke look. 

You can find out more about Animate Yerba Mate and what they are up to:


Animate Yerba Mate


Packaging Design

Yavor puts a lot of thought into his designs. Combine that with his keen eye for design, color and layout and you’ve got yourself an amazingly talented graphic designer. I look forward to working with Yavor again!

– Stephen Steinberg, Co-founder