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Logo Design And Collaterals For An Automatic Carwash Service


Aqua Carwash is a high-tech, automated carwash service based in Ontario, Canada and they get a kick out of offering the best quality service to their clients. The founder came to me with an open-minded request to do whatever I want with the identity as long as it looks sharp and communicates what the brand is about in a straightforward and professional way. Although the typography driven logo came out a clear winner, we also created a few other initial concepts that are worth showcasing:


After the visual identity was established, we went on to create a few collateral designs based on the company logo and style:




Logo Design, Collateral Design 


“Yavor did a commendable job on our company branding. We got a great looking logo and brochure design. Everything was done in a timely manner. We will work with him again.”

-Sharon Walia, Co-Founder