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Visual Identity and Packaging For Supplement Label.


Aster Health is a top-of-the-line, USA based supplement brand and they pride themselves on their unique vitamin formulas and all-natural ingredients and flavours. The founder approached me to first create their visual identity and then create the packaging for their first line of supplements – a Melatonin & Vit. D3 gummy blend:


Then we moved on to creating the kids label version which needed to be more fun and appealing to children:



Lastly, I was hired to do the Amazon EBC for the brand – we created two slightly different product description layouts for the adult and kids versions:



Aster Health


Logo Design, Packaging

“Yavor is amazing! His skills and compassion together delivered an absolutely beautiful, creative result. You barely find a designer to care so much for the projects success as Yavor does!”

– Mordechai Swhimmer, CEO