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Branding and packaging for a sustainable and innovative farm in Scotland. 

Four Season Farm grows lettuce and herbs in our hydroponic greenhouse throughout the year. They grow in summer with natural sunlight and in winter they use supplementary LED lights. It is a very innovative technology and the only one in existence in the UK on a commercial scale and it allows the farm to keep production year-round despite the harsh Scottish climate.
The goal of the branding project was to create an identity that evokes a feeling of wellbeing and fresh, wholesome food. The farm supplies fresh greens to the wholesale market in Scotland and the UK so the logo had to appeal to chefs as well as restaurant & hotel owners.


As usual, an initial mood board was created as a starting point and preliminary sketches were drawn to come up with lots of quick creative directions before creating and digital logo concepts.

The final Four Season Farm mascot logo was created in three different variations, each of them to be used for different occasions.

A label templates wас created for the plastic trays and boxes for the fresh green produce.

And a landing page layout was designed as a reference point for building the web UI of the farm website and online store. 

The Four Season Farm is located in a special area in the south of Scotland which enjoys a sunny and warm microclimate and so the sun ended up being used as a main element in the logo and brand element throughout the visual language. 

The logo and the “Fresher food, year round!” slogan was used to create a beautiful pattern and to brand merchandise.

You can find out more about the brand and what they are up to here.


Four Season Farm


Branding, Packaging Design


“We have been extremely happy with the work Yavor has done for us. It has been really high quality and done in a timely fashion. Yavor is quick to reply and a pleasure to work with. We are excited to work with him on future projects.”

– Tim Maitland, Founder