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Brand Identity And UI Illustrations For A Healthy Lifestyle App.

GoCarrot is an innovative mobile app with a mission. The start-up aims to incentivise people to go on diets and work harder in they gym by creating prize pools and awards for covered milestones. That way you have both a healthy lifestyle and instant gratification – you win points and monetary awards for each day of successful dieting and for every workout. 


After I created the main identity and app icon for the brand, I was rehired to do a set of UI illustrations for their website and a business card design for the founder. I set out to do the vector illustrations in the same playful, slightly tongue-in-cheek style as the logo itself and the UI set and the logo laid the foundation of the visual language that would later span across website, app UI and all merchandise.


GoCarrot App


Logo Design, Illustration, Print Design


“Yavor is a tremendously talented designer. I would hire him again in a heartbeat  (I wish all designers I’ve worked with were at least 10% that great!)”

-Tony  Urban, Founder