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Rebranding For a Butcher Shop


Helikom is a Bulgarian butcher shop and meat producer with 30 years on the market. The company has made a name for itself as a meat producer of unparalleled quality. The client had decided on a rebrand as part of their 30 anniversary celebration with the intention of modernizing their logo, packaging, storefront, and branded materials. 
The main problem that the client needed to solve was the outdated logo as well as the poor and inconsistent use of fonts, colours and graphic elements. The new logo and visual identity celebrates the traditional Bulgarian roots of the company through the use of traditional slavic motifs and Cyrillic calligraphy. The sun element is discretely embedded into the geometric pattern of the brand mark for a more subtle connection with the brand name.

Once we agreed on the look & feel for the new identity, I set out to create a series of preliminary sketches to quickly come up with creative ideas for the company logo. Winning concept was digitized and refined.

The Helikom product line ranges from fresh meats to salami and other delicacies. Each product line comes with its own traditional motif that creates distinction between the product types. 

The wine red color reminds of red wine which is often served with meat while the bright red in the color scheme is subtly suggestive of fresh meat. Together with the yellow, the reds form a color palette which subconsciously tickles the taste buds and inspires culinary adventures.

Since the logo was also intended for use on branded cutting boards, it had to look good as a wood engraving. The geometric shapes and rhythmic handwritten letters of the caption made the logo a good fit on wood. It also ended up as an engraved signage outside of the butcher shop. 

Sketches and an initial mood board play a central role in my ideation process and are also excellent early check-in points for the client to give initial feedback. The earlier I receive feedback, the less time wasted on developing ideas the client doesn’t like.




Visual Identity Design, Packaging


We are really happy with the outcome of the project and would recommend Yavor to entrepreneur friends, looking for high-level design and branding services.

– Stefan Peev, General Manager