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Brand Identity For An Innovative Email App

Mailtemi is a super streamlined and efficient email client for iOS with amazing functionality and rockstar backend technology, all that to make sure that checking your inbox is a painless and fun experience. The visual identity had to capture the essence of the brand as an easy to use and super fast email app so I went for a light and playful approach. 

I had the pleasure to collaborate with the founder, Zhivko Vasilev, on building the identity and we went through a few initial concept to pin down the winning creative direction. Here are a few of the initial concepts that didn’t make it, they all had merit but were not as aligned with the brand image as the email star idea:





Logo Design, App Design


“I was not able to put into words exactly how I imagined the logo. Fortunately, Yavor suggested an alternative idea of his own – I’m glad I agreed to it because I was in love with the new concept from the very first version. The keywords were “email, color”. I think the logo speaks for itself. Much better than I expected!

-Zhivko Vasilev, Founder