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Branding & Packaging For a Gold Bar Product.

I am beyond excited to be able to finally show the Coat of Arms artwork and packaging design that I did for a gold bar product for a precious metals dealer in Bahrain. The product will also be sold in Dubai and UAE. Arab nations are conservative in their approach to investing money and precious metals are held in high regard. Arab people also love their culture and artwork so the Coat of Arms and packaging had to pay homage to the rich history and traditions of the island kingdom and the Gulf area.

The process of exploring initial concepts for Coat of Arms was lengthy, with several options proposed for the reverse side of the gold bar. The client had the option to choose between a traditional Arab pearl diving boat, a hunting falcon, depicted with a blinder mask on, or an Arabic gate with traditional motifs.
The boat was preferred due to its deep historical significance. Before the discovery of oil in Bahrain in the early 20th century, the main livelihood came from pearl diving and maritime trade, both carried out using a traditional triangular-sailed boat called Dhow. Purchasing a gold bar is the modern-day version of the treasure hunting of the past.

High expectations were placed on the packaging – gold bars are often sold as gifts and a luxurious present is all about the sophisticated package. The design had to not only elevate the product but also tell a story about the traditional heritage of the Dhow with finesse and sophistication. I took the creative initiative and came up with a few paragraphs of copy that explain the connection between the historic pearl diving boats and purchasing a gold bar. 
The final Coat of Arms artwork had to be scaled in four different levels of detail in order to fit the whole product line as the smaller ingot sizes (1g-20g) could not fit the full artwork used for the bigger gold bars (20g-100g).


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Logo Design, Branding, Packaging

 It took many weeks to perfect the designs but in the end we finally got there. The gold bars have turned out amazing. The mint company we worked with have told us that this is one of the best designed gold bars they have seen come out of their machines so really well done!

– Hamza Sajid, owner.