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Client: CS Muscle Recovery
Packaging and logo design for a muscle recovery bath soak for athletes.

Client: Aster
Packaging and branding for a supplement company.

Client: Animate
Packaging & illustration work for a bespoke tea label.

Client: Native Coffee
Packaging & illustration work for a specialty coffee brand

Client: MSS Gold
Luxury packaging for a gold bar product.

Client: Muu Vibe
Packaging for upscale candle brand

Client: Valnuts 
Packaging for a healthy nut butter label.

Client: Good Life Market
Packaging, logo design and complete branding for an organic grocery store.

“A branding project is like poetry in pixels – it has to be absolutely beautiful and complete in and of itself. I am about saving the world, one pixel at a time!”

-Yavor Lazarov, Independent Designer & Branding Strategist