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Stack 52 Branding And Packaging


Stack 52 is a fun and playful brand on a serious mission. They make card and dice games out of exercise, making fitness fun and accessible for everyone. Whatever level you are at, you are guaranteed to have a blast working out with their exercise games, alone or with a friend.  You can exercise anywhere and compete with your friends by playing different games.

The co-founder and current business owner, Kurt Boyd, initially came to me with a packaging redesign in mind for one of their bestselling products, the Quick Sweat Dice:

While in the process of redesigning box art, my client realised that the brand also needs a new logo with more charm and personality. The old logo was a compromise – it failed to stand out and didn’t communicate the company values. After exploring a few initial concepts, I came up with a minimalist mascot that tells the story of the brand & products in a fun and memorable way:

After redesigning the main identity & packaging, we moved on to the heavyweight stuff – revamping the box and cards for the Stack 52 playing card series. With a total of 650 exercises for 8 different types of equipment and 13 playing card decks, the Stack 52 playing card series is the flagship product of the brand:

We went on to create 8 different cover illustrations and a common packaging theme that would be used on all 13 decks:

Last but not least, this is the unofficial talisman mascot that we created for the brand. The sergeant artwork is a tribute to the original founder of company who was in the army before he developed the exercises and card games that would lay the foundation for the Stack 52 of today:

Stack 52 is always evolving and creating  new products. After we repackaged the original card series, my client decided that it’s time to introduce Yoga Stack 52 and Running Stack 52 – two new editions to the line of exercise cards. I was commissioned to do the box artwork and illustrations for the cards:

You can visit the Stack 52 Amazon store here.




Logo Design, Package design;

“Yavor took our brand and products and turned them into beautiful works of art. I don’t believe any brand or any product looks better than ours do now. For the first time, I’m really proud of our products and that’s priceless to me and my team.”

– Kurt Boyd, Founder