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Logo, Illustrations and Packaging For Comfort Zone Challenge Cards. 

The Improvement Artist is a collaboration of young entrepreneurs on a mission to push you beyond your comfort zone. Their new product, Cards Beyond Comfort, is a deck of cards with 52 personal development challenges that are split into three categories – physical, mental and social. Each challenge gets slightly harder as you progress through the deck, complete the challenges one at a time and conquer your fears! 

The founders first contacted me after a Google search to find the designer behind the new Stack 52 branding that I recently did as they were looking for a creative with previous card design experience. But before we started working on the actual cards and packaging for the deck, we collaborated on the logo design for their brand. Final logo concept was the perfect epitome of the inner journey.

After logo was created, I worked on a bold and colorful packaging concept, creating a set of icons and visuals and establishing a visual tone which would later apply to the cards and illustrations for the challenges.  


And then came the heavy lifting part – I had to first sketch and then digitize the 52 card illustrations. I used a simple, line based illustrations style with a single color for highlights – green color for Beginner difficulty, orange for Intermediate and red for Advanced. Inspiration came easy because I was familiar with some of the challenges, being a personal development fanatic myself. 

I feel blessed to have had the chance to collaborate with the amazing founders and work on such an inspiring project. Together with the Stack 52 branding and card design, this is easily one of the top three most fulfilling projects I have done for clients in the last 7 years. Thank you, Universe! 


You cand find out more about The Improvement Artist and what they are up to here.



The Improvement Artist


Logo Design, Illustration, Card Design, Packaging


Working with Yavor was an absolute pleasure of ours and he is absolutely fantastic at what he does, he continued to amaze us throughout the time we worked with him.

Yavor took a small amount of info about our brand and turned it into something completely amazing with our logo, packaging, and product. His artwork is unlike anything we have seen before, from his detailed sketch works to his digitizations we were completely blown away with everything that he sent us.

From the moment we started to the moment we finished Yavors dedication to the project was above outstanding, we were in contact every day with constant updates and ideas and we were always excited to see what he had come up with.

He speaks complete fluent English and there were no communication errors throughout the whole project.

We will for sure be recommending Yavor to anyone who is in need of any graphic design work, if you want your product/ business to completely stand out from the crowd then he is your man. He completely took on board any of our feedback and always gave his own opinions which were always very helpful and valued.

We could not recommend Yavor enough, again from his dedication to our project and passion for the brand we will be sure to be working with Yavor for years to come!”

– Mark Wilsdon and Joe Nicklin, Founders